Email 101

When it comes to technology not everyone speaks the same language. Especially when it comes to our professors, co-workers and future employers (fingers crossed).   So reserve the LOL’s and OMG’s for friendly texts and IMs. When it comes to your professional side, make sure to cross your “t’s” and cap your “I’s.” Here are a few suggestions to get you started.   

Dear Mister So and So

E-mails are the new business letters, so keep your formality in check. Don’t count on your recipient being as hip as you are. Skip the casual intro and opt for a “Dear Jane Last” or “Hello John Name.”  You can think about dropping the formality in the first line to a “Hey Jimmy” only if they make the first move.  

Spelll Check

Even the best of us will put the “i” before the “e” after the “c.” So humble yourself and click “check spelling” every time. Also, always make a last minute scan for any mistypes that will bypass the spelling corrector (i.e. – confusing your its and there’s).  

Back At Cha

When replying, be sure to include previous e-mails in the text. That way, if you’re responding to a question he/she can reference your previously typed conversation. This especially helps clear misunderstandings. So the next time your Big Sister gives you the wrong time for the car wash, she’ll be able to see her own mistake on the screen.  

Juvenile Section

It might seem boring but by skipping the cutesy acronyms and getting a formal email address will have you looking a lot smarter. Think about it. Chances are your professor will probably take an email more seriously if it wasn’t from partygrl_189 and signed with a <3. Understand?

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