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New Fashion Mag: Your Look


A unique fashion sense has always been your trademark. No one can layer, pair or accessorize quite like you … and you’re damn proud of it. Well, why don’t you get a little exposure and show the fashion world what you’ve got to offer?

YOUR LOOK Magazine, a quarterly offshoot of the ever popular InStyle, will invite you to upload your own fashion photos and videos on their website or myspace page for possible inclusion in the magazine (when it’s all up-and-running). This new mag was just launched March 2 to offer 16-20 year old style-obsessed girls a mix of beauty, fashion and retail news. That sounds like you.

The first edition features the lovely Rachel Bilson on the cover looking cute as always in a pair of worn jeans and a lime top with white detailing. And we know there are more style-savvy covers to come. Maybe with your innovative creations amongst the pages.

To get your free trial issue, log on to or call 1-800-233-7999 to order a copy now.