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Campus Trend: Sex Magazines


As if the concept of “casual sexual encounters,” a.k.a hooking up, wasn’t shocking enough for our elders, a whole new trend has emerged on some of the most prestigious campuses nationwide: College-operated sex magazines. Yup, it’s official; college = sex.

Columbia, Harvard and Boston University, to name a few, are publishing not only R-rated photos, but also reviews on the latest style of vibrator or stories on “vagina personality.” Each publication varies in tone and content, but all in general refuse to be deemed pornographic; sexuality and body-pride should be embraced. Right on; send me a copy.

Of course there is controversy, as always — are these “naughty” magazines just a way for us “over-sexed” college kids to exploit ourselves or are they really an art-form, encouraging freedom of expression and sexual liberation? Well, I’m picking sides — the sexually liberated one. This country is too uptight when it comes to sex. It’s a taboo topic — sex gets us in trouble, sex is dirty, sex is wrong …

Come on. How can something that makes us feel good physically and emotionally be so terrible? Shouldn’t it be celebrated? 

Check out Harvard and Columbia’s campus glossies online — H-Bomb and Boink.