American Idol: A Fro-tastic Night

I am not sure what happened last night on Idol, but if I was Diana Ross I would be pissed. And once again I think Paula drank something other then Coke. The fro also seemed to make quite an appearance, but hair is a whole other issue.

The ladies were definitely more impressive then the guys. Melinda was the best and made Paula cry. I used to like Gina, but last night she was a bit disappointing. I blame her song choice.

Overall though, Diana Ross classics and Idol do not mix.

Chris Sligh should have worn his “singing” glasses. And my roommate and I think Chris R. is hot but no JT, and then there is Sanjaya. I am not sure what was worse, his hair or his voice. It has to be the hair

When did perms come back in style? He should be sent home just because of his ‘do.

I predict the bottom three tonight will be Sanjaya (the hair people, come on), Gina and Brandon.

Who do you think had the biggest fro?

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