America’s Next Top Model: The Makeover Episode

Ah, the infamous makeover episode. I expected drama, I expected bad hair cuts but I wasn’t expecting there to be any candy or ice cream in the picture. Isn’t it against the model rule book that “one cannot partake in any activities or behavior that put one within inches of sweets”? Even though I found it to be a tad unsanitary and oddly sexual, it was a pretty cool shoot.

Of course a few girls expressed their bratty unsatisfaction with their new do’s — a.k.a. Jael and Brittany. I couldn’t believe that after like eight hours of getting a weave, Tyra demanded that it be taken out. Now poor Jael is left with barely any hair. And in this episode, she really couldn’t get a break. I guess learning that her friend overdosed put the whole hair thing in perspective. But seriously, losing your hair AND a friend in one day? Damn that’s rough.

Which brings me to Brittany, the winner of this week’s challenge. This girl was quite the complainer! Wah, wah, wah. I know I’ve never had a weave, so I can’t say that it isn’t painful. But I was so happy that someone literally slapped some sense into her. Thank you, Whitney.

Who do you think had the worst makeover?

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