New Grey’s Tonight!

Thank you, ABC for airing a brand-spanking new episode of my favorite show. I feel like it’s been like a month since I had the pleasure of sitting down, cheap wine in hand, to view an episode. It’s been hard, but here it is, already Thursday and I made it through.

Anyway, I think a recap is in order. The last episode was crazy. Everyone’s personal issues surfaced — Meredith survived her brush with death by coming to terms with her relationship fears, George and Callie told off Izzie for being unsupportive of their marriage and Cristina revealed the source of her tough exterior – she watched her father die when she was only 9 years old. Is it me? Or did Grey’s just get a whole lot deeper?

Some think that the ferry crash series of episodes was kind of random. But I think we definitely got to learn the truths of each character. I must say I kind of feel closer to them now, as corny as that sounds.

What I disliked about the “Meredith comes back to life” episode was how unrealistic it was. Come on. Someone who’s been deprived of oxygen for that long cannot walk away scott-free. How bout a little brain damage? Obviously, Meridith is good-as-new. That’s TV for you I guess.

Here’s to the highlight of my night, Grey’s Anatomy.

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