Um Yea, Girls Like Drinking Games Too

Why is it such a breaking discovery that college girls know how to party?

I just read an article today entitled, “Females as fond of drinking games as males.” Wow. Thank you, Mr. Scientist for enlightening me. Honestly, what is the obsession with studying what we do in college. It’s like we’re a separate species.

Yes, I’m a girl and I like to do keg stands, drink out of funnels, play beer bong, asshole, kings, shoulders … I am I that fascinating?

According to the article, drinking games have been known as a predominantly male activity. And now girls’ participation in these activities is increasing. Oh boy, that must mean trouble. “In the women playing drinking games was related to more severe negative alcohol-related problems (i.e. missing class, driving under the influence, engaging in unplanned or unprotected sexual activity, etc.) …”

As far as I’m concerned, drinking games are fun and college girls will always play them. Missing class and unplanned hook-ups are part of the whole experience. You just have to know your limit.

Read the full story here.

Do you think college girls are out of control when it comes to drinking?

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