Score A Boy During March Madness


Basketball isn’t really my thing. I think it might have to do with the fact that every time I tried out for the team in middle school, I got rejected — being 5′2″ hasn’t been a walk in the park.

But since it’s March Madness and every guy on campus can’t get enough of their “brackets” and games, I thought I’d get in on the action … because I need to meet someone new and cute to make out with. So I’ve come up with a few tactics that will make me an insider to this male-dominated fiasco.

I don’t want to appear like a poser and not be part of a pool. So I’ve created my own. It hasn’t been easy to convince my girlfriends to participate, but they’re in. And I scored a few guys too — some of them are part of like 3 pools. That’s just way too much for me. So how did I pick my teams and fill out my brackets you might be wondering? Well since I know barely anything about this sport, I picked teams based on their jersey colors. Yeah, it’s totally not the point but hey, a guy’s gonna think it’s cute that you’re trying, right?

Now on to the flirting plan. There will be March Madness parties all over campus. The beer will be flowing like wine. So that will loosen me up for my ‘A’ game once halftime comes around. Because I know even I won’t get any guy’s attention during a game. Their money is riding on these teams, so that’s what they’re interested in. At halftime, however, they’ll be much more available to notice you.

Since my school’s pretty small, I’m at least an aquaintance with most of the frat boys, — by senior year, this is a given. So it shouldn’t be that hard to strike up a convo with one. I think the best way to get right into it though would be to talk about the teams, the game or his picks. I want to show him I’m not just there for the free food and assortment of boys. I have to show some interest in basketball. And so that I don’t look like a total moron, I’ve studied up on some of the teams — just the basics. I mean, I’m not going to put in that much effort here.

Once the ice has been broken with my dazzling knowledge, I’ll bet one of my teams against his. (Guys love a little competition.) And maybe the loser will have to do a little something special for the winner … what that will be is likely a game time decision.

Download your own bracket here.

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