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Stalk Someone’s Computer Action


Oh boy, have I found a naughty, naughty device. No, it’s nothing sexual. Perv!

While perusing the web, as usual, I innocently stumbled upon the SnoopStick. (Ha, now that I type out the name, it does sound kind of dirty.)

Anyway, getting back on track here, the SnoopStick is a USB flash drive type of device that is supposed to be utilized by parents to monitor there kids’ internet behavior or by a suspicious employer to check out their employees daily web endeavors. I however, sick an twisted as I am, think it would be an excellent way to stalk your boyfriend or crush’s emailing and IMing activity. I know, I am one crazy individual. But you know you’re intrigued. So read on.

This is how it works. Simply plug it into the computer you want to monitor and run the setup program to install the SnoopStick monitoring components. It only takes 60 seconds! This is trouble. Best of all, you don’t have to be worried the person will find out you’re tracking them because the monitoring components are totally hidden. Wow, that’s even creepier.

So when you’re ready to get into full on stalker mode, plug your little stick into any windows based computer (internet ready of course) and you’ll be able to see what websites he is visiting, who he is chatting with on IM and what they are chatting about (!) and you’ll be able to read emails as they’re being read or written. This is complete madness, people.

For all of the dirty details (and to pick up your own) click here.