Diets Decoded

I always read articles that say each person should find the right diet that works for their body. Well, who has time to figure that out, especially in college? Sorting through each one and testing it out for a certain amount of time seems like a lot of wasted days for something that may not work.

Thanks to a new website,, the figuring out is done for you. The diet finder feature searches through over 58 diets depending on what you put in as your food needs or dieting needs. For example, if you love to eat carbohydrates (and who doesn’t?) and are looking for quick weight loss, but still want great tasting food, it brings up the top five diets that best match your desire.

You can also search a specific diet or look at diets as rated by others. Now, I’m not saying that anyone should obsess over dieting, because it can get out of control. But this website is an easy guide with solid information. Even if you decide to try a diet or not, the fun tools are a great time killer and let’s be honest, we could all spend a little less time on facebook.

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