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It’s all about the… Riches


First airing on Monday, March 12th, the premier of FX’s new and “most promising series” of the spring season was said to blow viewers away. Well I don’t know about the rest of the tuned in world, but I was completely enraptured.

The Riches,”scheduled for FX’s 10p.m. slot on Monday nights, is a darkly enticing story about a family of “Travelers”—aka. Con-artists—who have lived their whole lives on the road, in an old and ragged RV. Turning tricks (if you will), this hustling family, led by father, Wayne Malloy (Eddie Izzard) and mother/ex-convict, Dahlia Malloy (Minnie Driver), has been making a lifetime of fast, undetected, and unwarranted cash; teaching their three children the tricks-of-the-trade along the way. Originating from a small, tightly woven, camp-like community of fellow Travelers, the Malloys are suddenly faced with a fight or flee situation after Minnie Driver’s character is pardoned from jail on parole (after two years) and a particular head-butting between Wayne Malloy and leader-of-the-pack, Dale Malloy (Todd Stashwick).

Fleeing the camp-site, with, of course, the communities collective earnings—how could a con-artist not?—the Malloys run into even bigger problems with a high-speed RV chase, resulting in a double vehicular manslaughter, and the most extreme theft yet—identity.

Now assuming the identities of dead car-crash victims, Doug and Cherien Rich, the Malloy family moves into to the couple’s newly purchased home—or mansion rather—in Edenfalls, a gated community infested with exuberantly wealthy “buffers”—as Travelers call regular, law-abiding citizens. The most challenging scam to date now breathes down the backs of the “Riches,” having to indefinitely assume this new identity and everything that goes with it. Will these pros of con be able to pull it off? Who knows, but I will definitely be sticking around to find out!

Check back with me, as I (and I suggest you) watch and review this wild attempt, to steal the “American Dream,” as it unfolds. From the likes of the premier episode, it’s bound to be an interesting ride.