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As a professional procrastinator, I’m always in search of fun and interesting websites to occupy my time. And although I wouldn’t call myself a “techie”–I’m no nerd — I have to admit that I love It’s a blog-like website that reports on and reviews new internet products. Yeah, it doesn’t really sound intriguing, but it is.

I just read about this sweet new social networking site called Kaneva; they call it “a place for 3D friends.” It’s a lot like myspace, but cooler. You create a regular 2D profile, but then you can transfer it to your “virtual world,” which is made up of your own personalized 3D apartment (i.e. your ideal dorm room)¬†and hang outs (i.e. frat houses or the tanning salon). Best of all, you get to design what they call an “avatar” — a 3D person who you can make look just like you. You can even throw a dance party with your other virtual friends.

I spent a good two hours setting up my profile and let me tell you, I was up extremely late finishing up my 10-pager. Oops.

Anyway, you have to check both sites out.