Make It Stop! K-FED The Search Engine???

Ok. Enough is enough. Lending your name to a restaurant, or even a hamburger grill is one thing, but a search engine? For [email protected]#k sake, give me a break. According to “Attack of the Show” on G4tv, K-Fed, the no-class, jack-ass has done just that. Thank God Google is getting into the mobile phone biz, because the competition from just might put the industry leader into chapter 13.

But no really, all kidding aside, this is why I switched- every time you enter a search on Mr. Spear’s engine, you might just win a prize, like an invitation to K-Fed’s B-day party, or better still, an autographed 8 x 10. It is so much fun I just can’t help myself.

As an entertainer / spokesperson, where do you go from here? K-Fed the Queen-Sized Maxi Pad?

Dear Ernie, Thanks for All the Laughs
Dear Ernie, Thanks for All the Laughs
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