A Little Bit More, A Little Bit More.

Target is like a playland of wonderfulness. There is row after row of things I don’t need, but must own right now. Take for example the adorable spice rack I bought for myself around Christmas time. Four months later, it has yet to see a single spice. But it looks great on my kitchen counter. And the Dollar Aisles? Don’t even get me started.

This past time I went to Target, I actually had a goal: Avert eyes from everything else, head straight for new Proenza Schouler line. I’ve been a fan of them since they debuted, and couldn’t believe Target had grabbed them for the awesome GO International Line.

I was not successful in this—by the time I made it to the clothes I had an armful of other useless crap. Which I promptly dropped upon eye contact with silk, blue dress with palm tree design. It was love at first sight— to the point that I considered putting in on in the fitting room, ripping off the tag and wearing it out of the store (after having paid, of course). And the love affair didn’t end there…

Proenza Schouler’s line is full of great cuts, bright colors and affordable prices. These celebrated New York based designers have easily translated their runway looks, and lost none of the charm. From jackets, and shirts to swimwear this line has it all. The clothes are city girl with a little bit of spice—comfortable and easy to wear with exciting prints and unusual hues. Take a pair of their skinny, denims and pair it with the cute, blue cropped jacket. Or try the rose colored Bermuda shorts with one of the short-sleeved sweatshirts. There are tons of things to choose from!

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