American Idol: Crying for the Sanjaya?


Anyone who watched Idol last night was treated to the good, bad and the ugly. Having ditched my Marketing paper, I thought ‘let’s see what the theme is this week’: British Invasion.Ok…potential for great success and great disaster. The success – Chris, Blake and the usual ladies (Lakisha was off – a little too drag-queen-karaoke). Also, everyone loves to bash Haley, whom I have NEVER been fond of but at least was listenable last night. Though, honey…please wear a bra…please.

THEN, it happened. Keeping with the British Invasion theme the American Idol producers, who I don’t think have an ethical bone in their collective bodies, planted a little girl named Ashley. Ashley was crying – NONSTOP – and the cameras were nice enough to show us every 15 seconds. I was like, “Honey…it is American Idol. In 2 months you will find half these people singing at your local mall…suck it up!” The worse part, she was crying in anticipant for The Sanjaya. It is official, he is now an enigma. Don’t know where he came from, don’t know when we will leave.

Similar to my ex-roommate’s herpies – we are stuck with him. The best we can do is wait it out.

Is this Sanjaya’s last week?

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