Kim Kardashian Minus The “Splash-ian”

Oh yes, the wait is finally over. The now infamously over-hyped “Kim Kardashian Superstar” sex tape hits the stands today at a porno shop near you. Can somebody remind me again, why I should care about this talentless nobody getting shagged and dragged every which way AND loose?

Maybe I am out of line. And to Kim’s defense, I have yet to see this vacant Vivid Video release- Who knows, maybe she polishes a knob like nobody’s business and we all could learn a trick or two from the superstar socialite. Pfft… Doubtful. I think the only trick here is Kim herself.

There is however an upside for Ms. Kardashian. According to, portions of the video have been edited out- “most notably the watersports portion.” Don’t worry shower fans, you still got R Kelly.

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