Lindsay Loves Aviators: Get the Look

Ever since I laid eyes on Sarah Jessica Parker sporting RayBan Aviators in Sex and the City, I’ve always been a fan of the eyewear. There’s something so chic about them that says “I’m a really cool chick.” So I sport ’em because, you know, I’m a really cool chick.

And obviously that’s why Lindsay Lohan wears a variety of aviator styles. Although I can’t say I like her, I must say I like her sunglass choices. She’s been spotted wearing your traditional gold-rimmed version as well as the new MARC by Marc Jacobs plastic ones.


Fortunately both are tres affordable. Yes, even the Marc Jacobs pair, which are (drum roll please) $90! I know, I was in shock too. They can be purchased at As for the gold-rimmed aves, you can pick up the traditional RayBans ($74.99) or Nueu ($48.98) brands.

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