Masi Oka… Gesundheit!

So I was just taking a bath and reading In Touch… I mean… diligently studying… and there was an interview with my favorite actor from Heroes – Masi Oka! Maybe I’m super behind the times, but I had no idea that he was featured as one of the Asian-American whiz kids on the cover of Time Magazine in 1987.

Because I love to procrastinate… I mean… work hard… I logged onto Nexis to read the article and glean a bit about Masi’s history as a whiz kid. Uh, he wasn’t actually in the article. Apparently, he was just another pretty Asian face used to illustrate all those other Asian whiz kids. Lame!

However, further investigation revealed that he does have an IQ of 180, he graduated from Brown with a double degree in Math and Computer Science, and worked as a programmer on movies including Pirates of the Caribbean. So, y’know, I’m sated in knowing he would have qualified for the article.

The best quote from the interview:

IT: It sounds like you’re enjoying the fan fervor.

MO: It’s been surreal. I’ve had girls come up and kiss me and say, “I love you!” Then they run away and I’m like, “Wait, where are you going? Don’t run away!”


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