Because “Dish Hands” are for suckers.

I used to have an ongoing struggle about which I hated more: doing laundry or doing the dishes. With laundry, you have to gather up all of your beer bathed clothing, haul it to a Laundromat and sit in front of a splish-splash cycle show for an hour before relocating to a dryer and waiting for, like, sixteen hundred hours to achieve sufficient dryness. On the plus side, you can spend downtime doing homework or watching syndicated Scrubs. But with dishes, it is a hands-on procedure that involves all energies. And if you’re in a particularly crappy dorm, sometimes you even have to bring them from your room to a community hole or bathroom with a sink. Ridic! In my opinion, dishes win Worst Chore Evs.

So imagine my joy when I found out about this small, portable dishwasher. At only $115, it’s cheaper than the majority of accessories and, if possible, even doper. What! Hear me out: a new pair of earrings is exciting for the first few wears… …but then you’re all, “Okay, gold pirate hoops were cool for awhile, but now I’m totes oves it.” But there will NEVER come a time when you go to do the dishes and you’re all “I’m totes oves this automatic dishwasher that relieves me from the annoyance of doing the dishes for an hour.” It fits in a dorm, it fits in a tiny campus apartment, it fits in that first hole-in-the-wall post-college kitchen, it fits in your pocket (okay, not really). But it does operate out of a normal faucet and is non-electric. I don’t understand it. It’s like magic. Dish magic. Hallelujah.

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