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People From Laguna Beach Clearly Shouldn’t Drive


Well, surprise surprise. It’s happened again. Yet another Laguna Beacher has made a boo-boo behind the wheel.

Remember Jessica Smith? In Season 1, she was Dieter’s gf, kind of a background player. But in Season 2, she was brought to the forefront, when she dated Jason, broke up with Jason, kissed Jason while he was dating Alex AND while he was dating Lauren “LC” Conrad, and then dated Cameron in Season 3. Yea. She got around.

Anyway, reports that Jessica was arrested on Monday for drunk driving. She was driving her Beetle, crashed into an Acura, and really hurt the people in both cars. Her bail was set at $100,000, which I’m sure was no problem for her family to handle. She’ll be back on the roads in no time.

And, to top it all off, she’s only 19.

Hmmm. If I remember correctly, the same thing happened to Jason, (who, in my opinion, lacked any sort of personality and wit for a reality TV character) and if I also remember correctly, it happened on more than one intoxicated occasion. I don’t know what’s going here, but when these lucky lads and lassies sign their “Laguna Beach” contracts, they should also sign away their rights to ever get behind a wheel. Ever. They’re always drunk, anyway.

I can’t wait to find out who gets the next DUI. Maybe it’ll be a kid from “The Hills.” Oh, the suspense!