Let’s talk Bush. (no politics involved!)

I have no problem shaving my armpits. Or my legs (despite the fact that my tiny shower forces me to contort my body into acrobat like stances to reach my limbs). But the one thing I keep going back and forth on is The Bush.

(Nope. Not our president. Or his dad.)

I never used to shave down there. It never occurred to me to do so. It was natural, right? My innocence in the matter was shattered one night freshman year, when a few male friends began weighing the pros and cons of “bare vs. bush”.

At first, I was appalled. There were men who really thought natural was gross?

“Um, have you ever watched porn?” one dude asked me, “you ever see any bush in porn?”

“I’m sorry” I replied, “I wasn’t aware porn dictated how girls are supposed to look. Guess that means I need to get giant boobs. And a rose tattoo on my ankle!”

That particular discussion fizzled (mostly due to my indignation and a few pillows I may or may not have thrown in the direction of certain dudes) but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. And while I think completely bare is weird, I’ve tried lots of different variations over the years.

Sometimes I think it’s no big deal, and other times I get pissed off. Why should I have to shave my choocha if a guy isn’t expected to shave his area? A guy isn’t even expected to shave his chest (I sure don’t expect it. If they want to, cool. But natural is fine with me), and while back hair is one of the sickest things I can think of, there are still perpetrators running wild.

When it comes to girls?

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When it comes to guys?

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