A Test you’ll actually like…

I’m a Sexpert Extraordinaire!

Well, at least, according to this test.

Sex Tests are the best. They’re so much more fun than those stupid IQ surveys. Those IQ surveys are all about tricking you. All about confusing you. You could actually do badly on one of those surveys. I should know. (They start out easy enough. By the second page I’m always certain I’ve got a genius intelligence level. Then those certainties get dashed by the third page, and I’m back to where I started…doubting that I ever made it through 4th grade math.) The thing with Sex Tests, you really can’t get them wrong.

Who’s the total moron circling “I never initiate sex. Sex is boring”?! What idiot fills in the answer “I’m not adventurous at all”?? Nobody’s going to do that to themselves, even if it’s true. When we take these tests, we’re not really surprised with our results. We’ve carefully plotted everything from the beginning to line up with the best option.

But I mean, they’re still fun.

And who doesn’t want to brag about being a Sexpert?

Take the test.

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