Mr. Schweddy Pays For College

Yahoo! News reports that Alec Baldwin is going to pay for 18-year-old Private Resha Kane’s entire college tuition after completing her military duty in Iraq. He was so moved by a news story he read about her last day in the states with family and friends, that he tracked Kane’s mother down in the discount store where she worked.

Baldwin has been very vocal about his opposition to the war, but still supports the troops. He is set to meet with the Kane family in Mohave Valley next week to present the check in person.

I love Alec Baldwin. I had the chance to meet him a few months ago in the office where I worked, and he was very nice and handsome and quirky. And now, I love him even more! It’s great to see people with gobs of money get personal and give back every now and then.

If you want to help out the troops, Soldiers’ Angels is a great place to donate money, letters and simple care packages.

If you want to check out Alec at his best, watch this classic clip from SNL. It’s Schweddy-licious!

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