The (Slight) Imperfections of Women in the Bedroom

The woman has spoken. In response to the “40 Things Men do Wrong in the Bedroom” I found last week, an incredibly insightful and hilarious female blogger has posted a response.

Before reading it I thought to myself, “Um, I do nothing wrong in the bedroom…I am a freak in the sheets.” Turns out even I – a self proclaimed Sex Goddess (who has had very few complaints) – have a few bedroom shortcomings.

I will be honest: it is hard to read a list like this and realize that many of the items on the list (mainly, #9) apply to you. I mean, I have been performing number nines for years and never had complaints. I have, embarrassingly enough, had a few suitors do the old head grab. I got offended. Instead I should have gotten a little more crafty with my moves. And incorporated my hands a little more. And practiced some kama sutra or something…

I also seem to be a frequenter of problem numero 32. I am sorry – really I am – but it is really hard for me to make nice with those weird looking things. I know it feels good and I am trying to be better, but sometimes I just can’t get past the fact that they resemble little monsters.

And, like any woman, I make the huge mistake of #43. Come on, you know you have too. We all know its wrong (gives the guy false confidence, encourages his poor performance, makes him bad for future women), but sometimes it is just easier to groan/thrash around a little than to pull out the chalkboard and teach the boy the ways of the vagina.

So, I’m not as perfect in the bedroom as I once thought. Not even close. But, with a list like this, I can definitely work on it. And I am going to head out to the bar to get on that right away.

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