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The sun is shining, you’ve started studying outdoors, and it’s that time of year again. No, not to go swimsuit shopping, you have until May to start that fiasco, but to pick up a new pair of shades. Don’t take this task lightly, sunglasses can change your entire look. You can go from sorority girl to hipster with just a flick of the wrist. But don’t you fret, here are a few different options, cheap enough so you can pick up a couple of different pairs.

I’ll start with my own personal favorite, the shades I picked up at Urban Outfitters yesterday. Gratuitously oversized, 80s chic, they tell the world that I’m too damn cool to worry about actually looking it. I recommend going with either the red or the white.

Risky Business Sunglasses: $14

For those hippie chicks, a pair of hand-painted vintage inspired sunglasses to pair with your scandalously short denim cut-offs, and flowing locks. Very cute, very cheap, damn I love Urban Outfitters.

Handpainted Vintage Sunglasses: $24

For the sorority set, here’s something to pair with your pastel pink polo-shirt and ribbon belt. I know avaitors are a little mainstream, but trust me, it looks really good with a popped polo.

These are a little more expensive, but you’re good for it: Ray Ban Aviators about $120

And for you sex kittens, it’s time to channel your inner Lolita. Guys love that shit. Since you’re already in Urban Outfitters picking up the other stuff, toss this in your shopping tote and prepare to start picking up older, perhaps saucier men, than your average frat boy. I’m envisioning…these heart sunglasses, little white sundress, maybe some Celeste satin wedges from Jcrew, topped off with a charm bracelet.

Sweet Heart Sunglasses: $16

Which pair is more you?

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