10 Reasons Why Grindhouse Will Melt Your FACE!

1. Know everything about film? Then this Quarantino/Rodriguez double-feature will satisfy your desire for auteur art.

Know nothing about film? Then this sex/violence double-feature will engage you enough to veil your ignorance.


3. Gratuitous violence is especially awesome when spurting red corn syrup and paying homage to exploitation films.

4. You can’t lose with a film that is genre-classified as Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller / Comedy.

5. ZOMG! Fake trailer entitled “Werewolf Women of the S.S.” – directed by Rob Zombie!

6. Did I mention… MACHINE GUN LEG?

7. Rose McGowan + Rosario Dawson x Naveen Andrews = holy hotness.

8. Art imitates life when Fergie plays a lesbian.

9. Killer death cars are the new black.

10. Planet Terror plot: Biochemical weapon infects a town – turning its citizens into flesh-eating zombies – and it can only be saved by a vigilante Go-Go dancer.

The Perfect Solution for the Morning After Poos.
The Perfect Solution for the Morning After Poos.
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