Rain? Snow? 70 degrees? 34 degrees? Let’s make an f-ing decision here

The world is ending, I’m convinced. This weather is absolutely insane and I, for one, can no longer just wing-it and not check weather.com before getting dressed in the morning.

I’ve been finding myself being utterly unprepared for whatever temperature or different act of nature that seems to occur on a freaking DAILY BASIS.

So basically I went on the prowl for (cute) spring rain-gear that might make getting up early and getting dressed just a little more fun (but not really) and lo-and-behold I found everything I wanted at the beloved Target.

The Umbrella – You have two choices here. Option one, you can use a small, indiscrete umbrella that fits into your bag andshort, patent leather version you can pop out at a moments notice or option two, you can use something like this clear, bubble version.

If you choose the latter, you’re basically securing that your hair will not touch water at any point in time and if a typhoon suddenly occurs, you were the only prepared one.

The Wellies – Ugly, but a necessity. They are a lifesaver in both the rain and snow and Target actually does a decent job of making them semi-attractive and fun.

The Rain Coat – Personally, I love the way I look in red so I went right for this short, patent leather version but feel free to opt for black or tan or a color that’s even more fun than red.

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