That’s One Haute Cup of Coffee

Let’s see. We have fashionable clothes for our dogs, stylish plugs for our ears, and cute cases for our cell phones. And finally, the day has come. We now have couture for our coffee cups, making our daily dose of caffeine yet another true accessory. offers you “high fashion thermal sleeves for paper cups” – sassy alternatives to those old, boring, brown cardboard things. They’re insultated, resusable, and they range from 12 to 16 bucks a pop.

My personal favorite “cupcoat” is the Andy, inspired by Andy Warhol. Very funky. But there’s a wide selection of patterns and materials for every Coffee Fiend, from flowery to furry. And there’s even a selection for guys! Although, if your boyfriend is envious of your cupcoat, I would find a new boyfriend.

Are these things over the top? Yes. Unnecessary? Of course! But when it comes to couture, it always is. Cupcoats just make something already hot even, ahem, hauter.

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