Tyra Banks Loves a Good Cat Fight!

Wednesday’s America’s Next Top Model was one for the books. Here’s a rundown:

– As a challenge, the girls had to give themselves fake, one-word “model” names, like “Melrose” or “Giselle”. One of them picked the name “Wholahey,” pronouced “whoooolahaaayyy. So dumb, I LOVES IT. Even dumber? Wholahey WON the challenge!

– Sarah got the boot. She annoyed me from the start, always thinkin her s*&% d’int stank because she was a “professional photographer” and did a fashion show for “Chanel”. Which really means, she posts a lot of pictures on Myspace taken with her disposable camera, and did some cheesy runway show at the local mall in front of the Chanel store.

– There were celebrities at the same party attended by the models themselves! What are the chances?!? We got to watch them awkwardly mix and mingle with them. 50 Cent was so irritatated by Jael bein’ all up in his grill that he pushed her in the pool and she thought it was funny. Well, so did I.


– Ms. Nicole Ritchie herself got involved with some roommate drama when she asked Renee in “confidence” what she thought of the girls, and after Renee told Nicole that she hated Jael, Nicole went behind her back and told Jael exactly what Renee had said! Whew. Scandelous!

– And the best part of the show, hands down, was when Tyra hosted a confrontation to “help” Renee in her ongoing battle between the rest of the contestants. In previous episodes, Renee emerged as the house bully, basically saying that plus size models will never make the cover of Vogue. She also bitches everytime she does badly during photoshoots and blames her crappy pictures on everyone else. Plus, she talks like a man. So, Tyra had Renee sit and face all of the girls. One by one, each girl told Renee what she didn’t like about her. After they were finished, Renee tried to be tough, but ended up crying like a baby. Tyra sat next to her and pretended to be concerned, but just saw the ratings go up with every tear. Whatever. This girl had it comin’. Nice move, Tyra. You always know where to hit em where it hurts! I wonder if she studied up on how to handle a confrontation before throwing Renee into the lion’s den. I wonder….

Click here to watch some household model drama unfold. Notice how Renee plays the helpless victim, and then threatens the contestants with a violent beating. Yea, this girl could totally throw down. All 75 pounds of her. I can’t wait to see if Renee shapes up next week and exposes the sweet, sensitive girl inside. And hey – if she doesn’t win the title of Top Model, she can always look into Ultimate Fighting! Riiight.

A tall glass of Budweiser…for my hair, please.
A tall glass of Budweiser…for my hair, please.
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