Entourage is On: Tonight!

I haven’t been this excited for a television line-up since Step by Step replaced Dinosaurs on TGIF. Seriously.

TONIGHT, HBO not only welcomes back the most popular (and f*cked up) family, The Sopranos, but the boys of Entourage return, too!

Tune in at 9pm to catch the first of the last episodes of “The Sopranos” before they get wacked into syndication forever, and 10pm to watch Adrien Grenier be pretty and Jeremy Piven be a douche bag. Tonight, we meet Vince’s new female agent, Amanda, and find out how Ari is coping with getting fired. Probably not good, I assume. 

If you wanna brush up on your Entourage knowledge before the show, click here to play a trivia game that covers all three seasons and read a blog by a crazy, yet loyal Entourage fan. Or, click here if you want to see the trailor for “Drive Me Crazy,” a horrible teen flick in which Adrien Grenier plays a guy named Chase Hammond (Vincent Chase, Chase Hammond….what’s with Adrien and the name Chase?) who ends up falling for the oh-so-annoying Melissa Joan Heart. And Melissa Joan Heart is best known for her role as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which was part of TGIF back in the ’90’s.

It’s really all connected.

Anyway, don’t study, don’t go to the bar, don’t watch the premiere of Taquita & Kaui on MTV. Watch Entourage at 10!

Easter Smeaster.
Easter Smeaster.
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