Wiki My Campus

Internet words have become part of my everyday lingo. If I’m not sure who that new girl my ex is dating is…I simply “facebook” her. If I need to look up a statistic for a research paper…I just “google” it. And the most recent addition…If I’m confused about what exactly something is? I “wikipedia” it. has become my recent mode for procrastination. Looking up random facts or words to see what comes up is almost as entertaining as facebook. Almost. It’s also amusing to edit the entries and see how long the changes will stay up. Case in point: as a joke, one of my professors changed the entry for Syracuse University to say that it was founded by the Keebler elves (that only lasted a couple hours).

Anyways, the geniuses who created wikipedia realized the possible success at colleges and have come up with a specific version of it for 19 different schools so far. Go to to see if your school is on the list, and if it’s not you can send them a request for one.

Each school’s wiki site looks identical to the main wikipedia and is intended to be an “online forum to discuss your college and the things you want to know”. Now, I am totally against any facebook copycats, but this site is actually pretty cool and has the potential to become a big hit if everyone gets on it.

Looking for a legitimate place to get a haircut? Or an event this weekend? Or a place to park on a certain part of campus? It’s all available on the wiki site. Although I only have one more month to use my school’s site, I think I’ll definitely be hitting it up a few times.

“Girls Gone Wild” Prison Special
“Girls Gone Wild” Prison Special
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