Courtney Loves to Starve Herself


What has happened to you, Courtney?

We all know she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, or the most put-together chick who ever married a famous grunge musician, but….gee wiz! Something is very, very wrong with this lady.

According to my personal internet gossip diva,, Courtney Love has fired back against all those reports that she did something ‘medical’ to transform her body in only 4 months into it’s newly emaciated form. If you go to her fansite, you can read a wonderful incoherent rant where almost nothing is spelled right or even has the correct number of vowels. Apparently, Ms. Love is so pissed at people saying her weight loss isn’t ‘natural’ that she forgot to put on her first grade English hat.

I’m not sure about you, but judging from those pictures I’ve seen floating around, it’s sort of impossible for me to believe she lost all that weight in a healthy way. Last time I checked, working out and eating right doesn’t make your body transform into the female version of E.T.

All I know is, I wouldn’t put her in my bike basket in an attempt to get her back to her alien family.

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