Scarlett’s Got the Sexiest Body in the World

I have to give it to you, Scarlett. According to Glamour’s “Sexiest Body in the World” poll, you’ve just beaten out Jessica Alba AND Gisele Bundchen! That ‘s definitely something to brag about. So go ahead, I won’t judge you.

Honestly though, I’m a pleasantly surprised. Miss Johansson possesses a really unique and almost unconventionally pretty look. She’s not tall, toned or rail thin and people still think she’s hot. That’s freakin’ awesome for all of us who practically starve ourselves and work out like fiends to get that skinny look. Scarlett’s got curves and I do too.

Here’s the list of sexy bodies, who do you think should be #1?

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Will Ferrell: Give me my money, bitch!
Will Ferrell: Give me my money, bitch!
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