VTech Thanks God for Cell Phones

I think we’re all at a point in our lives where an instant without our beloved cell pieces gives us some serious anxiety. I mean, what if that cute guy from my senior seminar sends me a text? I’d totally die if I missed him. Or what if there’s an insanely funny photo op and I can’t whip out my camera phone? That would suck. But what if, I reallllly needed to get in touch with someone in an emergency?

Obviously, every student on Virgina Tech’s campus had their trusty Motorola‘s, LG‘s and Samsung‘s on hand Monday. Victims were able to warn fellow students of the shooter, his location, his appearace … They were even able to contact their parents and friends to say goodbye, or alert them to the fortunate fact that they were okay. And some even took the time to take camera pics and videos of what was going down.

As sad and heartbreaking as Monday’s incident was, it really made me recognize how valuable technology is, how necessary it is to always have our cell phones in our back pockets, in our bags, attached to our hips … Yes, sometimes it’s sick and creepy how attached people are to their Razr‘s and Blackberry‘s, but they allow us to communicate within seconds. And under some extreme circumstances, they really come in handy.

I guess we take these forms of communication for granted since they’re so easily available. But it’s kind of a priviledge to be so easily connected with people.

I never thought I’d say this but … cell phones save lives. Monday was proof of that.

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