Will Ferrell: Give me my money, bitch!

I think we could all use a good laugh this week.

And nothing says hilarious like Will Ferrell, Will Ferrell’s new perm, and a swearing two-year old named Pearl.


Apparently, Funnyordie.com is a website that was started by Adam McKay (who co-write and directed Anchorman and Talladega Nights), a tiny place in cyberspace where he and his buddies post strange/funny short films. McKay seems to understand the very fine art of making adorable kids say crazy things while Will Ferrell reacts. Sure, it’s been done before, but for my money, it never gets old. I could watch pumpkin-faced toddlers swear until pigs fly, or at least, until their mother’s come home and realize what their fathers are teaching them to say…

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