Nine Inch Nails Hammers Out Another One

I’ve never been a huge fan of hard rock. Sure, there are my vicious, ‘fuck you’ tracks that I throw on when I can’t think of a better way to vent my anger—Disorder from System of a Down, Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against the Machine are just a couple on this list.

One group that I do love all the time, any time though is Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor makes me want to melt into a pile of goo when I hear his voice. Do you remember that song Closer? I literally almost slide off my chair every time I hear it. No, no Trent, I was to fuck you like an animal. Rrrar!

After a few years absence, NIN is back with a vengeance. Officially the album came out April 18, but if you are an uber-fan (or possibly a little crazy) tracks from Year Zero have been appearing in bathroom stalls across the globe for quite some time. Huh?

Apparently, some of NIN super fans decoded a secret message on the band’s tour shirts—highlighted letters which spelled out “I am trying to believe.” Add a “dot com” to the end of it, and behold a website advertising a fake drug called parepin. Eventually concert goers found USB keys left in bathroom stalls at concert halls across Europe which contained tracks from the album. One of the USB keys contained only static—but someone went so far as to do…something to it, and discovered a secret phone number. Wooaaaah. How do you even begin to figure that out?

Ok… so I called the secret number, and apparently word is spreading quickly about this because all five times that I called (yes, I know) the circuits were busy. But I am so curious to know what the message on the other end says that I vow to call until I get through.

This has got to be one of the coolest marketing campaigns I’ve ever heard of. While I would never put that much effort into figuring all of this out (check that—I would never spend 30 fucking dollars on a concert T-shirt), I’m seriously glad someone did. Though I do wonder if NIN needs to go to such extremes—people are going to buy the album regardless.

What I’ve heard from Year Zero is classic NIN. Quirky computer-ish, modem sounds, rough, and brutal guitars, and Trent’s ever so sexy voice. I would buy the album except it seems Trent would rather I download it illegally… thanks for saving me some money, man!

Buy Year Zero here.

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