Our Love/Hate Relationship with Kirsten Dunst

I can’t help but notice that Kirsten Dunst is not on our good side lately. By “our” I mean the tabloids, the gossip hounds, the audiences, the critics, and basically everyone on the planet in general.

When I was growing up, Kirsten Dunst was the envy of every little girl, because she got to kiss Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire. Then, we all hated her because apparently she commented on not liking the kiss. But she was like, ten, and he was like, thirty, so I guess in a way, it’s good that she didn’t like it and described it as “yuck.” But then again, it’s Brad Pitt. Who wouldn’t like kissing Brad Pitt? I would! But, whatever.

THEN, Kirsten fell off the big screen for a while. No big deal. We got over it, but in the back of our minds we were like, “Hey, where did that creepy girl who kissed Brad Pitt go?” She did some random movies here and there, including a made-for-TV-movie, Fifteen and Pregnant, which now I really want to rent. That’s gotta be a winner.

But when she came back for Bring It On in 2000, she was totally popular and cute and accepted – the next big thing! That movie was likened to Clueless, and she was likened to Cher Horowitz. Although in my opinion, Clueless and Cher Horowitz can never be replaced, as it’s the true classic girl flick.

We even loved K.D. in the first installment of Spiderman!

I don’t know what happened after that. My theory is Perez Hilton. He started bashing her acting, her style, her clothes….and since then, people have caught on and blogs everywhere are making fun of her every move.

Okay, so she isn’t the most attractive actress out there, and sometimes she goes public looking sort of….slubbish. And the girl gets around, I mean, she’s dated like twenty guys in the past couple years. And maybe she does need some braces and, from what I’ve read, a personality check.

But, come on! Give the girl a break. It’s gotta be tough when you’ve spent your entire childhood in front of cameras, and the minute one person says something bad about you, everyone else in the media has to follow. I’m very curious to see how Spiderman 3 does this weekend, with all of the crap-talking about it’s leading lady.

Now let’s say something positive about Kirsten Dunst…hmmmm.

She didn’t star in Bring It On Again. Or Bring It On: All or Nothing. That’s two! Two positive things!

Well….I think I’ve done my good deed for the day.

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