See Ya, Sanjaya

Oh, Sanjaya. What a strange, creepy, hair-tastic road it’s been. You’ve dazzled some with your smile, upset children with your various coifs and even driven Sanjaya-haters to starve and gorge themselves publicly.

In spite of all the odd hype, you kept truckin’ and made it to the top 7. Being the butt of many jokes and subjected to some serious scrutiny never got the best of you. So, I give you mad props for that.

However last night, your American Idol days were finally done-zo. People were relieved, people cried and people cheered. But I can’t say images of your lucious locks and high-pitched voice with ever be forgotten. After all, you’ll live on YouTube forever.

I dedicate this anthem to you:


Cho Seung-Hui “You Forced Me into a Corner”
Cho Seung-Hui “You Forced Me into a Corner”
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