Trend Alert: Stilettos for the Fellas?

A few minutes ago, I came across something so baffling, so mind-boggling, that I couldn’t keep my findings to myself.

Over the past few months, a trend unbeknownst to me has been growing involving men and high heels. Or to be more specific, men in high heels. Straight men. Straight men in high heels. Now, I’m all about gender-bending. Take David Bowie for example – now there’s a man who can rock some platforms and a leotard and still be sexy. But stilettos? Are you kidding me?

I found this article on StyleBites and decided to dig deeper into this strange phenomenon myself. There are many websites dedicated to these so-called “meels,” that go nicely with a pair of “meggings.” On a fashion forum, one man said:

My friends and I have sought to incorporate high heels as an acceptable accessory to different types of men’s styles. It’s not fetish and it’s not high fashion and we are heterosexual. It’s a paradox now, like men wearing earrings and long hair used to be. We know it’s different, but believe that the overall image can be projected with good taste (even if not high fashion).

Woah. Meels? Meggings? The return of the fanny pack? What’s going on in the fashion world?

Look. I think it’s great that men envy us women soo much that they want to incorporate femininity into their style these days. Some guys can even pull of the girly thing more than girls themselves! Orlando Bloom and his flowing locks in Pirates of the Carribean? Beautiful! Jared Leto and his perfectly black-lined eyes? Gorgeous! Straight guys have taken our long hair, our cosmetic routines, even our tight pants. But there has to come a point where the boys let us girls keep something that is rightfully ours. There’s a reason why men are men, and women are women, and why they live on Mars, and we live on Venus. There’s a book to prove it. If nothing else, guys, please: let us have our heels back.

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