Wear Your Hokie Colors Tomorrow

It’s been a tough week and I’m sure many of us are ready to stop thinking, talking and hearing about the Virgina Tech shooting and Cho Seung-Hui. But I, along with many other college students nationwide, feel that it’s really necessary to display our continued support and sympathy for at least one more day.

If you haven’t gotten the memo already, tomorrow has been declared “Orange and Maroon Effect Day” and alllll students are being asked to sport Hokie colors. Tons of Facebook groups promoting the orange and maroon-wear have tallied thousands of college kids who promise to don VTech threads Friday.

So whip out some orange and maroon tomorrow. Not only will getting dressed after a Thursday night of drinking be made that much simpler, but you’ll also be making an serious statement.

The Runway the College Way: Neon
The Runway the College Way: Neon
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