Why I Boycott American Apparel

I’m not trying to get into fisticuffs with Mary from Dartmouth, but I have to make an argument against buying American Apparel. I know, I know, it’s all American-made and sweatshop-free, but it is also run by one of the most disgusting, misogynistic pricks on the face of the earth.

What is the point of being all synthetically moral when the CEO is horrifically anti-women? The sexual harassment lawsuits against Dov Charney (and there are many) not only claim that he has coerced his employees to have sex, but on a far more frightening level that he has created an “intolerable” and “intimidating” sexual atmosphere.

American Apparel offices are wallpapered with Penthouse and Oui magazine cutouts, and Charney boasts about having sex with employees and jerking off in-front-of/on them. Fans of Jane magazine may remember when Claudine Ko interviewed Charney and he jerked off in front of her during their interview. Eight times.

Oh, he also said that women who complain about sexual harassment are merely suffering from “victim culture”. Charney has said, “Out of one thousand sexual harassment claims, how many do you think are exploitive?” Not to mention that oh-so-quotable gem that “women initiate domestic violence.”

This guy is the scum of the universe. I’m not in favor of exploiting millions of underage Philippinos for twelve cents an hour, but I have no interest in supporting a company that bluntly – nay, proudly – exploits women. Have some respect for your gender.

If you really want to be sweatshop-free, visit Sweatshop Watch for a continually updated list of sweatshop-free brands.

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