No More Periods…Ever?

Periods suck. The cramping, the bleeding, the bloating…We all know the deal. Nothing is worse than getting your period on the day of your sorority formal where you plan on wearing a white dress. Many college girls feel that birth control pills are a good way to regulate your period so that you can control when you get it each month and to reduce pain.

Now, makers of a new birth control pill awaiting FDA approval called Lybrel, are touting the fact that it entirely eliminates your period while on it. No, not just limited periods, like Seasonale or Seasonique, where the crimson tide shows up only four times a year. But, totally and completely NO periods while on Lybrel. Sounds enticing, huh?

Is this something you would do? 

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Well, the NY Times is not so sure that women will be prepared to part with their monthly menses. “Rather than loathing their periods, women evidently carry on complex love-hate relationships with them.” Yet, in terms of health worries, the Times reports that doctors say they “know of no extra risk to the new regimen.”

The phrase, “No extra risk to the NEW regimen,” shows just how new this idea is. Of course they do not know of any risks, YET. My view is that not enough testing has been done on Lybrel yet to prove that it is safe. Although the idea of a full year free of periods is tempting, I would be surprised if college girls start taking Lybrel because we tend to use our monthly bleeding as an indicator that we are not pregnant and functioning ‘normally.’

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