Its Good to be Green: 5 Easy Steps

Between studying for finals and watching episodes of Entourage this weekend, I took a little trip outside to catch some rays and noticed that the world was finally turning green! But the trees and the flowers aren’t the only things going green these days. It seems that people are getting a little greener too.

And they should be; after all, Sunday was Earth Day. To you, it may have seemed like nothing more than one day closer to the doom that is final exam week, but for many people (like Al Gore…and me), Sunday was another great excuse to talk about the current state of our planet and everything that lives on it.

Since my friends are really sick of me listing off reasons and ways to conserve energy and save the planet, I will share my list with you. And you will listen. Why? Because if you don’t, the future will hold extreme damage from hurricanes, many uber hot days, and the end of many adorable species of animals (like these cuties).

Saving the world isn’t even hard. Even the littlest changes can have a huge impact. Simply start with these 5 easy steps and we will be well on our way to a cleaner and happier planet:

1. RentAn Inconvenient Truth”: Forget what you know about boring documentaries and Al Gore and put this bad boy on your Netflix queue. The film is packed full of years of research on global warming and really forces you to put your impact on the world in perspective. It also happens to be extremely interesting.

2. Switch your lightbulbs: Yes, those 60 watt bulbs from Home Depot are super cheap and really do the trick, but they also waste a ton of energy. Oh, and they don’t last too long. These new guys use 2/3 less energy and last 10 times longer! (Bonus: These bulbs are more natural, so they are perfect for makeup application!)

3. Share Bags: Just because you happen to pick up a few pairs of jeans from 3 different stores in the mall doesn’t mean you have to store them in separate bags. Combine your goodies into fewer bags to create less waste. Oh, and make sure to ask for paper bags whenever they are available. Plastic bags take at least 10 years to decompose. (If you are feeling really earthy, bring a cloth bag to the mall with you to tote home all your fabulous new purchases).

4. Walk to Class: There have been many days in the past four years when I was too 1) lazy, 2) cold, 3) hungover to walk to class. And each time I opted to take the car, I contributed unnecessary toxins into the atmosphere. Whenever you are feeling like taking the easy way and driving to class, think about these guys and how they would feel if their home melted due to global warming. Then put on your sneakers and walk. Bonus: This is great for your ass too!

5. Get a Travel Mug: Starbucks – a must have in my life, but I can’t even imagine how many cups I have thrown away in the past week (sorry, finals are sucking) let alone my entire life. Especially when they give me two for my hot beverages! By buying one of their super cute and super reusable travel mugs, I can still get my daily dose of espresso without adding extra trash to our already over-flowing landfills. Some coffee places will even give you a discount for bringing in your own cup. That’s saving the earth and saving your wallet.

So, helping the planet isn’t so hard. And if everyone took little steps like these, our future could look a lot brighter….and maybe not as warm.

Joe Francis: Crybaby
Joe Francis: Crybaby
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