Condoms: Oh, the Variety!

My boyfriend in high school used to think he was really cool because he used Rough Rider condoms. Me, and my inexperience had no idea what the difference was between, say, Trojan and these other ones. But I did know that I would get really embarrassed on the rare occasion that he could convince me to go in and buy them for him. It just seemed so—dirty—to ask for Rough Riders.

Condom shopping now… is still slightly embarrassing, but a lot more fun. Those vibrating condoms I was talking about the other day? Who knew there were so many to choose from! I feel like my ignorance has cheated me out of a better sex life. There’s the Trojan Vibrating Ring ($9.95), the Lifestyles 4Play Vibe ($7.95), and the highest rated TPR The Pleasuring ($5.95). The vibrating ring lasts for up to 20 minutes, and hits us girls right in the money spot.

You can opt for colored condoms in all different shades—red, blue, pastels, even jet black (which kind of scares me); flavored condoms from vanilla to cola, and condoms that warm up upon contact.

Some of my favorites—how great would these be at a party—are the lifeguard condom beads. If the scandalous neckwear doesn’t suit you, you could always hand out condom lollipops!

Guy Pick-Up Tactic: A Cute Puppy
Guy Pick-Up Tactic: A Cute Puppy
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