Get the Best Booty on Campus

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. You know what this means girls? That’s right, its mini-skirt season. Whether it’s a skirt and flip flops for class, a bikini while laying out on your lawn, or shorts with heels for a night out, your bottom half will most likely start to make an appearance in some way after hibernating for the past couple months.

Ah! I know this may seem scary and sudden for some. I agree. After a bitter cold and snowy winter, I suddenly realized that I need to get my backside into tip top shape for this clothing season.

Well, luckily, our friends over at have provided a fabulous workout just for that backside of yours. And, it’s only four minutes! No matter how stressed you are with finals and papers, you can squeeze four measly minutes into your day to do these exercises.

Check out the video first to watch a girl demonstrate the workout, or do it along with her in your dorm or apartment. If you’re more of a gym girl, take the printable version with you to the gym. Trust me, your ass will thank you later.

The BEST Emergency Zit Fix!
The BEST Emergency Zit Fix!
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