Guy Pick-Up Tactic: A Cute Puppy

Yesterday was the first real day of sunshine and warmth that my college experienced since probably last August. The lawns were littered with tanning co-eds anxious to soak up those rays we missed so much during the long winter months. I did partake in the lawn relaxation session with some of my friends as well, and ran into an interesting situation.

A boy with a cute little terrier puppy passed us on the sidewalk and all of the girls oohed and awwed over the tiny creature. Upon hearing our reaction, he came over and let us pet and play with the puppy. While interacting with the dog, we also found out about him; what year he was, where he was from, where he lived, etc. and he asked about us. A great way to break the ice and possibly the easiest pick-up for guys. I watched Drama and Turtle use this tactic on last week’s entourage, and now have experienced it first hand.

But, it may not always be authentic. What if that dog wasn’t even his and it was just a sneaky ploy to talk to chicks? Well apparently some guy in D.C. saw the potential to make money on puppy pick-ups and offers his services for pay.

On the website,, he advertises his puppy rental service. At first, I thought it was a joke, but by the time I read to the end of the page, I realized this guy might actually be serious.

“Upon rental I will provide you a list of great places to walk your rented puppy depending on the kind of women you desire (young co-eds, career women, nature lovers, etc). If you are interested, simply e-mail [email protected] with your first puppy choice and the day you would like to rent it. After receiving a 50% initial payment through PayPal, I will confirm your rental with instructions on pick-up location and time. If you’re the guy that is still trying to date women by going to loud clubs, then this is definitely worth a try.”

Wow, I never realized this could actually be profitable, but hey, whatever works. I admit that I’m susceptible to the puppy trick. Maybe I should stick to Kristyn‘s suggestion and get my cute fix from the show, America’s Cutest Puppies. Regardless, I will be a little more aware of the dog-walking guy’s motives and maybe investigate a little further into how much he really knows about Sparky.

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