The BEST Emergency Zit Fix!

Anytime you get to dress up in college, it’s a big deal. Everyone is so used to rolling out of bed and going to class in sweats while hungover that we tend to forget that we all actually clean up quite nicely.

This past weekend, I had a formal event and it was the last big hurrah marking the end of our senior year… tear. We’ve been talking about it since february. Every girl wants to look perfect for these kinds of things … because we all know that pics will be up and tagged on facebook within 24 hours. So it’s very important to look your absolute best.

Well, out of nowhere last week, a zit popped up on my roommate’s forehead, right between her eyebrows. Not okay. She started stressing about what to do days before the big event. Another friend told her to use Visine on it the night before our formal. Visine? Yes, the stuff that is for dry, red, itchy eyes. It claims that it “gets the red” out, and apparently this works on pesky pimples too.

Let me tell you, it was a miracle. The morning of the formal, after applying Visine, her zit was pretty much gone. 

How did I not know of this before? I googled around to see if others had used Visine for zits before, and found that it is suggested as a tip in many beauty and health forums for emergency zit fix. BeautyRiot also does a great job of explaining all the ways you can conceal zits, going a few steps further than just applying Visine.

Basically, I was astounded at the results. Visine worked so much better than any overnight acne creams. I felt I had to get the word out to other college girls who will most likely at some point encounter a monster zit at the worst time possible.

No fear, just soak that baby in Visine and watch it disappear.

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