This Week on Entourage: Surprise! Vince Gets Lucky

Well, it’s post-Entourage Monday, and I definitely saw this one coming. No pun intended.

Vince’s storyline focuses on his already rocky relationship with his new agent, Amanda. What a beast. But it’s not that they don’t like each other. It’s that they reeeealllly do like each other. So much so that Amanda gives Vince quite the proposition.

After Vince tells Amanda she is “cute” in front of E, (which pisses him off and probably makes him jealous) she asks Vince if he thinks she is “hot” and if he wants to secretly sleep with her, get it out of the way so the sexual tension can be relieved, and then get on with their professional relationship.

And – here’s the shocker -Vince agrees! Can you believe it? He agrees to have pure, unadulterated Sexy Time! And the show ends as Vince slyly slips away from the boys to meet up with his lucky lady.

There will probably be repercussions, but if I was Amanda, I’d do the same thing.

While all of the obnoxious flirting is going on, Ari is stuck in marriage counseling, realizes that ever since he’s lost Vince, he’s been too much of a softy, and ends up firing a down-on-his-luck employee in true Ari A**hole form. He puts on quite the show for everyone in his office and redeems himself as the kinda guy he apparently is in real life.

That’s basically it for this week. Don’t miss next week’s episode, if for nothing else than at least for Pauly Shore. No, really.

Joe Francis: Crybaby
Joe Francis: Crybaby
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