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ABSOLUT LUSH: Celebrities Hit The Bottle


Aw, man…Celebrities. I love ‘em. Just can’t read enough TMZ, US Weekly, Hello. I’m disgusted by the antics of Paris Hilton and her evil cohorts, but man do they make good reading material! It must be such a great life when the rest of the world revels in your stupid behavior. All that ever happens to me when I do something (normally alcohol induced) stupid is that my friends make sure to bring it up every time we are in the presence of other people.

I just recently came across this great list—The Drunk Tank; 10 Wasted Celebrities—and man, are these clips fuuuuunnnny. While I’ve seen many of them before (who didn’t see Paula Abdul off her rocker on live morning television), to have them all in one place is such a good laugh.

Personal favorites? Puff Daddy, or P Diddy, or—what is he called now?—talking about ProActiv. He’s not nearly as hard core when he’s had a few wine coolers. Brit Brit having a drunken convo with K-Fed. She should really just never, never talk unless she’s singing. Never. And my number one? Ben Affleck wasted during an interview trying to get the host into bed. I don’t know what’s better about this one—him being all over her, or the fact that she wants so badly to do him when the camera shuts off.

So, on this lovely spring day, please enjoy the public displays of drunkenness. And on your next night out, remember no one is safe with camera phones and YouTube in the mix!