Ryan Gosling is My Future Husband

It’s official.

I want to marry Ryan Gosling. This clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show proves to me that he is everything—and I mean everything—I could ever want in a human being of the opposite sex. He’s hot, funny, fashionable, smart, and likes to dance! Oh, and I did I mention he’s also a fabulous actor who was nominated for an oscar?

If you haven’t already, go and see Fracture, starring Mr. Delicious himself as well as Anthony Hopkins. I don’t know much about the film, but, frankly, it doesn’t matter. Gorgeous Gosling could recite the phone book next to a beige wall and I’d still watch it for five hours.

…and may I just mention, I knew this boy was a jewel back in the day when he was starring in a children’s show based on the Athenian hero Hercules’s teenage years. Seriously.

Talkin’ Dirty in the Sack
Talkin’ Dirty in the Sack
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